Our Story

Green Leaf Engineering’s key focus is to be market leader in renewable engineering and energy generation.


Green Leaf Engineering was founded by Andy Smith, Dan Burns & Lee Peachey, 3 forward thinking commercial building services engineers with one common goal. This goal was to create an organisation which could make a fundamental impact in our countries fight against climate change. From this goal came Green Leaf Engineering, a commercial decarbonisation company which specialises in renewable engineering.  

The Co-Owners have a combined experience of over 50 years within the sector and are proud to be leading a multidiscipline renewable engineering company focused on innovation and excellence.


Green Leaf have clear aspirations for the company’s future, which is to make a fundamental impact within the renewable engineering space by helping to reduce the UK’s carbon consumption. 

This will be done by Green Leaf producing as much clean energy as possible, and removing the usage of fossil fuels for our clients. 

Green Leaf want to be on the cutting edge of this movement helping to implement new technologies within the sector both on a design and installation level. Green Leaf aim to create major partnerships across all sectors of business to give us the best chance of achieving our ambitions.


Decarbonisation is the pursuit of removing as much carbon emissions from a building’s operation as possible. 

This is done by improving energy efficiency, introducing energy generation, and changing energy selection. Improving a buildings energy efficiency is done by reducing its energy consumption but maintaining the same level of operation. Introducing energy generation is done by introducing technologies which allow a building to produce its own electricity whilst removing its reliance from the national grid. 

Changing energy selection is removing a building reliance on high carbon fuels such as gas and oil and replacing for electricity which is cleaner and more sustainable.

At Green Leaf we specialise in the 3 aspects of decarbonisation and have a full arsenal of technologies at our disposal to help our clients achieve decarbonisation. These technologies can be seen within our services section of this website.


At Green Leaf we are a team of forward-thinking engineers who want to make the world a better place for future generations to come. To do this we are committed to being at the forefront of innovation and technology ensuring that any services we provide are well suited to each individual project and associated client.

There is currently a race to make our country more sustainable. This will be achieved by producing more clean energy via renewable technologies and reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. Because of this more time and resource will be available to the development of Green Tech then ever before. At Green Leaf we pride ourselves on being pioneers of Green Tech meaning we ensure that were constantly reviewing the market for new and improved technologies.

It is important that we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in this space whilst maintaining due diligence and provide market tested products to our clients.  

In-house Capabilities

Green Leaf Engineering are fortunate enough to have an in-house design department made up of a multitude of engineers across a number of disciplines, all with extensive experience with renewable technologies.

Our design department produce everything from feasibility studies, calculations, assessments, drawings, and 3D models to give us the best chance of ensuring that our designs replicate our actual installations on-site.

Having this department also allows us to walk our clients through the design process step by step, giving them a better understanding of the systems, we are installing. Green Leaf believe in sharing knowledge which makes us as a nation more aware of sustainability and how this can be achieved.

Green Leaf also have an in-house pre-construction department who deal with pricing of our projects based on the designs produced, they can also assist with planning applications and DNO applications if required.

Once everything is signed off, Green Leaf then move the project into our operational department where a dedicated project manager to the scheme who will be in charge of the full installation from cradle to grave.

They will attend site meetings, manage all H&S duties as well as the design process with our allocated Design Engineers, manage programme, cost & the full delivery process to ensure that all clients are fully aware of every step of our installations.

Current Clients

Green Leaf are very proud to work alongside some of the largest clients in the UK, including Utility companies, Tier 1 Main Contractors, Blue Chip Companies, Local Authorities, Universities and Large-Scale End Users.

Our client needs are always at the forefront of our minds when providing our services. We understand that every client’s needs are different, and every project requires a different approach which is why we ensure that all of our projects are delivered in a personnel manner tailored to exactly what our client has requested.

Green Leaf are proud to boast that we have a 100% retained client record, once a company chooses Green Leaf and receives the levels of service and quality, we produce they always become a long-term partner.


Green Leaf are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business.

One of the main aspects of this is our internal practices and how we manage Health & Safety. We believe that if we go above and beyond with our training, certification and keep all accreditations to the highest possible levels our clients will know Green Leaf are the right company for their project.

Industry accreditations have become very important over the years and Green Leaf are committed to prioritising our internal procedures which helps us operate at the highest level for our clients. A well-structured organisation is essential in eradicating defects and associated mistakes.